Tuesday, November 9, 2010



I am TICKED off, so read with caution!

So this little rat bastard is the source of all my anger right now.

Our family left to go to Thatcher this weekend. Since my brother and his wife are staying with us, I asked them to cook all the raw chicken in the fridge so it didn't spoil. Well, I get home tonight, go to cook dinner and all the chicken has been left in the fridge. Today was the last day on the package you could cook it. I was a little peeved - $$$ down the drain if I didn't cook it tonight. My mom calls and tells me not to be mad at my brother, since she said she'd cook it, but forgot.

FIRST mistake - I go to pull the crock pot out of the cupboard and the lid to the crock pot shatters all over the kitchen floor. A whole bunch of words (mostly ones that start with and 'sh' and end in 'it') came flying out of my mouth. I'm bare foot and Jay has to bring in the shop vac in to vaccuum all the glass. (***side note*** shop vac is still sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor - and probably will be until I put it up).

SECOND mistake - first mistake is cleaned up (except for the shop vac) and I start the chicken to boil in the SaladMaster (aka expensive pile of CRAP) cookware. Whew...disaster averted. We get the kids to bed, Megan and Reilly come back home, clean up from dinner and I go to bed.

I am woke at 1 AM by my husband telling me that he thought the whole house was burning because I left the chicken on the stove. WOW...the 'sh' word manages to escape my mouth just a few more times. How the...who the...DAMN IT! I FORGOT ABOUT THE FREAKING CHICKEN. Jay didn't even take it outside...or take it off the burner for that matter. Guess he did his good deed by turning the damn stove off. I hop out of bed run into the kitchen where your lungs are burning from the burnt chicken. I grabbed the hot pads and run the chicken out the front door (dogs would have got it if I put it out back), I open the windows and try to go back to bed.

Jay: (with a smart alec tone) So why didn't you tell anyone about the chicken?

Nicole: Uh...probably because I FORGOT it was on the stove! (thinking - are you freaking kidding me genius)

Jay: So do you think it ruined our good pan


Now I'm too mad to even sleep. Ruined crock pot - check. Burnt pan - check. Stinky house - check. RETARDED husband - CHECK! Most of all, I'm MAD at myself for forgetting the damn chicken. BEEF...IT'S WHAT'S FOR DINNER!!!!


Fire alarm has gone off 3 times between 5 - 6 AM. Yup, three hours too late! I can't even describe how flippin annoyed I am!