Sunday, October 25, 2009

Church & H - E- Double L

So I've been HORRIBLE about blogging lately. I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start. With that said, we had a funny conversation in the car and I want to remember it.

On the way home from watching Korey and Kaylene's boys at the rodeo. The conversation goes like this:
Savannah : I don't want to go to church today - it's boring.
Jay: What would Jesus want you to do?
Savannah: Stay home...
Shayde: NO! Jesus wants you to go to HIS house!
Jay: Savannah you're going to go to H-E-double L with that attitude
Savannah: Yup, that's church...

Jay and I are trying to hide our laughs while Shayde is in the back chanting, "Savannah's going to H-E-double L! Savannah's going to H-E-E-E-double L, L, L!"

Nicole: Nice Jay - you get to explain it to the teacher when she calls tomorrow.
Jay: Shayde don't spell that again! (of course - Shayde does it again) I'm going to smack you in the mouth if you spell it again.
Shayde: OK Daddy! I won't do it again!

I just want it noted that this is ALL Jay's FAULT!!!!!! hahahahahahaha