Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Respect - Where's the LOVE???

Tonight we went to the girl's first Winter Concert for Franklin. It was a sea of parents...kind of obnoxious, but still cute. Almost like a primary program on crack and minus the spirit. Anyway, driving home Jay and I were being nice to each other...

Jay: Thanks, Nicole

Nicole: You're welcome Sweetheart

Jay: You're the best wife and mother ever.

Shayde: Pffffftttttt (followed by a big FAT courtesy laugh)

Savannah: Um, yea, that's a little awkward Dad

No love - or respect. Evidently there is just no way in hell that I could be the best wife and mother. LOL!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Funny Girls

These two are definitely DOUBLE TROUBLE! They can be more than rotten at times, but they make our lives so much better! I am so grateful to be their mother.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Church & H - E- Double L

So I've been HORRIBLE about blogging lately. I have so much to do that I don't even know where to start. With that said, we had a funny conversation in the car and I want to remember it.

On the way home from watching Korey and Kaylene's boys at the rodeo. The conversation goes like this:
Savannah : I don't want to go to church today - it's boring.
Jay: What would Jesus want you to do?
Savannah: Stay home...
Shayde: NO! Jesus wants you to go to HIS house!
Jay: Savannah you're going to go to H-E-double L with that attitude
Savannah: Yup, that's church...

Jay and I are trying to hide our laughs while Shayde is in the back chanting, "Savannah's going to H-E-double L! Savannah's going to H-E-E-E-double L, L, L!"

Nicole: Nice Jay - you get to explain it to the teacher when she calls tomorrow.
Jay: Shayde don't spell that again! (of course - Shayde does it again) I'm going to smack you in the mouth if you spell it again.
Shayde: OK Daddy! I won't do it again!

I just want it noted that this is ALL Jay's FAULT!!!!!! hahahahahahaha

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chlarson Christmas Card Photo

I absolutely love this picture. I think it should be used for Christmas Cards. This is the epitome of all family pictures. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Home

My GREAT husband and brother-in-law took the kids (5 girls 6 yrs & under) to Show Low this Memorial weekend so that Marcie and I could decorate.  Marcie is fantastic at decorating and organizing stuff!  Here are some of the pictures.  We still have bathrooms, office and bedrooms to go, but we made UNBELIEVABLE progress!

Big THANK YOU to Marcie, my brother Logan, and Marcie's sister Terri!  I really appreciate your help!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another Trip to PCH

I love the Doctors and Nurses here at Phoenix Children's, but I do have to say that I am really sick and tired of looking at their MUGS!!! Savannah caught the virus that I had and it literally kicked her rear. Jay took her to the ER on Sunday night. After about 7 hours of IV fluids they told Jay to take her home and let her ride it out. Obviously the ER physicians didn't take a look at her 2 foot thick medical files or they would've known that there is nothing that this baby can just "ride out."

On Wednesday, she looked so bad that I came home from work, changed my clothes and headed back to the ER. What do you know - we were admitted that night and have been chilling here ever since. Jay and I have been tag teaming it during the week. I stay the nights and he stays the days. We were pretty lucky this time...they lifted the RSV ban earlier this week so we were able to pick up Shayde and bring her to see her sister every night. Sometimes its easy to forget that it is just as hard on Shayde when Savannah is sick. Her whole world is turned upside down. I picked up Shayde from the babysitter's house and she had a present for her sister. Shayde's whole class had made get well cards for Savannah. I just love Shayde - she is one special little girl and a darn good sister to boot!

We were bored, so we did Savannah's make up. She's cute

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Another rip on our President

I know I am being a brat lately when it comes to our Commander in Chief.  I am sick of how the media just praises him.  Just what the heck has he done???  I refuse to talk bad about him in front of my children.  No matter how I feel about him, I respect the office he holds and I want my children to learn to respect the office as well.   With that said - I'm going to say how I really feel about him on my blog.  


I told Tiffany that I wanted to make a bumper sticker that said, "When we are in a world of pain, don't blame me...I voted McCain."  I thought I was clever until Tiffany said how 'bout, "Blame your Mama...She voted Obama!"  I almost died laughing.  Sometimes my family is pretty funny.

OK - I'm done making rude comments about our President...for at least a month. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

Best OBAMA Bumper Sticker...

I'll keep my FREEDOM, my GUNS, and my MONEY...
You can keep "the CHANGE" 


Saturday, January 31, 2009


We can't wait for the Super Bowl tomorrow.  We were going to go over to some friends house for a party, but Jay's been sick.  Poor little baby!  Anyway, we are decorating our house with red and black balloons - Cardinals banners and yummy food.  Here is a picture of a cute cake idea I got from a hershey's recipe. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


This year my sister Megan and her family had our name for Christmas.  Megan really went overboard this year.  We are so lucky!  A few years ago, I remember looking at a picture of Christ that Megan had in Jace's room.  I told her I wanted a picture of Christ with children to hang in my kids room, but it was never with two babies or two girls.  Anyway, she had an amazing artist draw this picture to solve my problem.  I actually have a picture of my children with the Savior.  I can't help but tear up every time I look at it.    I don't think I will ever be able to thank them enough for our WONDERFUL Christmas.

(click on the picture to enlarge it - you can see it better - but it still doesn't do justice to the real picture.  I it!!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little Trooper

Savannah is such a good little girl.  She has been throwing up - out of both ends - all weekend long.  I kept telling Jay we were going to have to take her to Phoenix Children's.  We kept putting it off until she went about 6 hours with out going pee.  I was afraid that she was dehydrated so off we went.  

She was so cute to the nurses there.  Full of energy and talking up a storm to them.  She had to get IV fluids for an hour or so - then we were able to go home.  She cried when she got her IV - they had to try a couple of spots - and never once did she pull away from them.  The nurses let her go and pick out a prize for being so good and her main concern was picking something that her sister would like.  Sometimes I wonder about our parenting skills, but it's moments like that where I feel like we've done pretty darn good so far.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Gift Revenge

For those of you who don't know... Jay, bless his little heart, got me a HORRIBLE Mother's Day gift.  He got me a pull up bar and the perfect push-up!  Nothing says you look like Two-Ton Tina quite like exercise crap!!!!

Anyway, I got him the perfect Christmas present...

Brother LX-3125 

I wish I would have taken pictures, but I did get it on video!  

I had him hold it up to show my family his beautiful present.  Jay said something to the effect of, "Wow, something to bring out my softer side.  Now, where is the rainbow sticker for my truck?"  It was a perfect Christmas present! Yea for me!!!