Thursday, April 24, 2008

Funny Girl

Shayde is a funny girl! I have to post our little talk.

Shayde: Mom can you come in here - I need to tell you something. (She is sitting on the toilet) I tooted and accidently got a little on my undies.
Mom: It's ok give me your undies and I will wash them out. ( I look in the toilet and she has rock hard poops, but the stuff on the undies is perfectly brown and creamy. After further inspection, I realize what it is.) Shayde, this isn't poop - you have chocolate in your undies.

Seriously - this kid CRACKS me up!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bon Jovi Baby!!!

OK! OK! I know it is totally 80's, but I went to the Bon Jovi concert with 5 of my girlfriends and we had a BLAST!! It was fun to relive the past! There were some idiots that were in a couple of our seats. It was no big deal until the couple came mid-concert and wanted their we kindly asked the other people to move. They were such jerks and would not move out of our seats. I had to go and get security to move them. Other than that it was a blast. Jill was the only one who took in a camera so I stole some pictures off her blog.

We're ready to Rock 'n Roll!

I know Jon is better looking but there is just something about Richie that is just...YUM! Almost worth risking your Eternal Salvation...almost!!

The next day we went to a baby shower for one of my best friends, Shannon. Isn't she so cute pregnant? We are so excited for her and her hubby to have their little boy. Shane is being a stinker and won't even give us a clue as to the baby's name. I'm a little bitter about it. :)

This is a picture of Jill and I at the Shower. She is seriously one of the funnest (is that a word?) people you will ever meet. Gotta love the Rhoton's!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Savannah lost her first tooth! YIPEE!!


I'm glad they were on Jay's side of the bed. You'll understand why after watching Shayde!

Daddy putting floss around the tooth

Torture is over!

Showing off what the Tooth Fairy left! Can you tell she dressed herself today?

Tagged - First Time

I've been tagged by Megan. This is my first tag. I like reading other peoples, but not too sure if I like filling them out. Here we go...
The rules of the game

1) Each player answers the questions about themselves.
2) At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

How long have you and your husband been together? 11.5 years.
How long did you date? 15 months. Forever in the LDS world.
Who eats more? Um...that would be Jay. He is a human garbage disposal!
Who said I love you first? Jay did and my response was, "Thank you!" How lame is that?
Who pays the bills? I do, but I wish he did!!
Who cooks dinner? Me. Jay brags on how good of a cook he was on his mission, but all he has ever graced us with is bean burros! Gas, anyone?
Who is more stubborn? That would most definately be me!
Who kissed who first? He kissed me first! It was after a singles fireside at EA. We were standing outside his Grandma's house. He is a fabulous kisser! :)
Who is more sensitive?'s me.
Who wears the pants? Depends on who you ask! I'm pretty strong headed and usually have to have the last word on everything. Ask my poor family!
What was I doing 10 years ago? I was getting ready for my May wedding! Fun stuff!
What snacks do I enjoy? Diet Dr. Pepper w/ vanilla from Sonic and apples with string cheese
What would I do if I were suddenly a billionaire? I wouldn't worry about insurance or Savannah's medical bills! That would be a major stress reliever. Oh yea - PLASTIC SURGERY! Definately a tummy tuck - I have serious "twin skin" - not that anyone needed a visual.
3 bad habits? Diet Dr. Pepperaholic. Serious procrastinator and like Megan, I'm a face picker. Gross I know, but don't act like you don't do it too.
5 things people don't know about me.
I toilet papered my own house so that our neighbors wouldn't think it was me that did it.
I hardly ever stick my face under water while swimming. Too many rear ends in the water and I'm not totally convinced that chlorine works.
I seem to always stick my foot in my mouth!
I archery hunt with my cute hubby - that is something I NEVER would have done when I was younger!
I'm not as bad as Tiffany, but I have a little road rage. I consider myself somewhat of a honkaholic! If Jay is driving and I think somebody needs reprimanding I will reach over and honk for him. Jay has threatened several times to break my hand if I do it again! He loves me!

I tag Amber, Cami D. and Annie