Thursday, February 28, 2008

***Sonic FREAK***

For those who didn't know I am pretty much addicted to Sonic's Diet Dr. Pepper with extra ice and Vanilla. YUM. I used to stop every morning on my way to work -- I was soon on a first name basis with the morning crew -- Pathetic I know! Jay told Savannah that we didn't drink soda anymore and her tender response was, "Dad, Pam can make more soda." I then had to tell him that Pam was the lady that worked at Sonic. Jay thinks I need an intervention!
It was a sad day when Pam no longer worked at Sonic. My routine stayed the same until Johnny no longer worked there. I would only go to Sonic once a week to get their cup then I would refill that cup all week at Q.T.
I broke my cup today so I went to a Sonic next to my Chiropractors office. I ordered my usual and I got to the window to pay an to my suprise Johnny was there! He started to yell..."Pam it's Nicole...I told you it was her...I can't believe it. How are you doing, girl..." I took a few minutes to catch up with them. I was just as excited to see them ... and I got my drink 1/2 off since they still consider me a regular!!! Gotta love Pam and Johnny!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Utah Fun!

Jay and I went to Salt Lake City at the beginning of February with our friends Shane & Shannon Rhoton and Chad and Amber Rhoton. We had a lot of fun. Jay and I stayed at my sister Tiffany's house. Tiff has a Mac computer and Jay, Amber and I took turns in the photo booth -- I seriously almost wet my pants from laughing. In case you can't tell who is who...


The best one of Amber can't be posted because I was standing behind her in only a towel. Sorry Amber!

Jay...Isn't my hubby dreamy?