Sunday, November 25, 2007


Let me just start by saying -- I really don't care about HS Football anymore. It has been 12 years since I graduated. My brothers don't play anymore and I just don't care! With that said...Jay's family is from Thatcher and they call every time Thatcher and SJ play. Not to name names, but Mark and John Stevens constantly give me crap about how Thatcher is so much better than SJ. Yesterday I got to call Mark to let him know that SJ beat the school that took Thatcher's chance at State. Mark was a good sport --- "I was waiting for your call, Carol. I knew it was coming." He was funny. He was supportive of our win and only took one shot at SJ the whole time!! For those of you who don't know him -- one shot at SJ is a miracle! There is usually about 10. Good times!! At least for ONE year I get the honor of reminding Mark and John that SJ Redskins are one up on the Thatcher Eagles.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Family Pictures

We had our family pictures taken by a photographer out of Prescott. She is AMAZING. Here are some of the pictures she took.

Isn't my Hubby so handsome?

Sisters always share secrets!

Daddy's Girls

Mom's little princesses



We participated in the JDRF "Walk to Cure Diabetes" again this year. It was awesome! We had a lot of friends and family not only walk, but donate and raise money to help our precious little Savannah Belle. There was over 26,000 people there and the walk raised 2.2 MILLION DOLLARS! Jay and I can't thank you all enough for your love and support.

Lots of People who love Diabetics