Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spice Girls

First, I need to apologize for the crappy quality of my picture. I had to take it with my cell phone due to hunting season. Evidently it is more important to take pictures of random animals than to capture precious pictures of your flesh and blood! Every hunting trip the digital camera disappears. When hunting season is over (if there is such a thing) nobody can seem to find the darned camera. Sick of hunting season? ...Anyone? ...Anyone?

Second, I have to tell you the reason for my title. Shayde got creative with the scissors during group at school and she "accidently cut her hair on purpose." Anyway, we went to our cousin Lacey's salon today and had the girls hair cut. Both of them got the A line hair style. Savannah is so excited that Shayde wanted her hair like hers -- she thinks she is so cool now. The cut looks so stinking cute on both of them. Anyway, Shayde looks so much like Posh Spice. She loves her new hair. I have caught her looking at herself in the mirror several times tonight. She is just enamored with her own beauty -- it cracks me up. Now on to our other Spice Girl ... Anyone who has ever spent a night with the Lopemans knows when Savannah wakes up her hair is a wild mess. So now she is our Scary Spice. They are too funny.

Hopefully when Jay gets back from his hunt we will be able to locate the camera and I will put a decent picture on here.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


My awesome interior decorator friend Amber came for a girls weekend. Our husbands are getting ready to go on a hunt so we were able to literally spend all day Saturday doing whatever the heck we wanted. We did a lot of shopping, but even more window shopping. There was this awesome little shop in downtown Mesa. The shop will go unnamed to protect my stupidity...I mean their identity. They have amazing home decor stuff. However, this stuff is amazingly OVER PRICED!!! Perfect expample of just how over priced this boutique is -- a day bed at JC Penny is on sale for $129. The Boutique sells pretty much the exact same bed for over $4000. Needless to say this was definately a window shopping store. Amber saw this really cute toulle with sparkles and lined with brown ribbon. It was absolutely precious! Amber announces that she just has to have it for her daughter. Other random ladies were commenting on just how cute it was, etc. Amber about choked on her own saliva when she saw the price of a cute tu-tu was $77!!! Amber quietly set the tu-tu down and made a quick exit. She barely made the escape! Unfortunately, I was not so lucky. The sales lady was so sweet...talking to me about my children...kindergarten (which we all know by now that I am not a fan of it and could complain about it for hours)...the 5 love languages...parenting...and what I could do to help Shayde transition to her new class easier. One thing I could do was buy her a cute little bag of halloween candy for her to take to her teacher. Her new teacher would "ooo and ahhh" over her and that would help to make her feel special. Shayde should feel special...her mother is a RETARD! I totally fell for the sales pitch and here is a picture of a $6 bag of candy corn!
Amber and I figured out that this bag of candy was marked up a little over 1600%! All I can do is laugh! Could I possibly be any dumber? DON'T ANSWER THAT!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Sweet Faces of LIARS!

I just wanted you all to take a look at the face of little FIBBERS! We were at Home Depot the other day to pick up salt for the water softner. The guy in front of us was taking so long -- he even made the rest of us wait in line while he ran out to his car for his wallet. Anyway the line continued to get longer and some guy started a conversation with the girls to help the time pass. He asked them if they were brothers. Shayde's response was, "No, our brother is in Heaven." Savannah wasted no time in adding, "Yeah, our brother died and he is in Heaven." You should have seen the look on all the peoples faces. I thought the poor cashier girl was about to shed some tears. I started to laugh and the people just gave me a wierd look-- I said I'm sorry, but that is not true! We only have the girls... they have never had a brother. Shayde stomped her foot and folded her arms very dramatically and said, "WELL, I WANT ONE!" It was funny, but very embarassing!